Wireless Modem from RAE Systems

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RAE Systems Inc.

The ATEX-certified RAELink3 Z1 long-range wireless modem from RAE Systems Inc., San Jose, CA, works with the company's gas and radiation monitors and the company's safety monitoring software to create a single wireless detection system. Monitors linked with the modem can communicate sensor data and GPS coordinates to a PC running the safety monitoring software to view and track sensors and response personnel. Features include Bluetooth connectivity; a range of up to 3.3 km; host mode to communicate with multiple RAELink family modems and AreaRAE systems, remote mode to connect to detectors and communicate data back to the host, and repeater mode to route the signal from other modems; the ability to use two monitors with a single modem; and a user-friendly interface.

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Company: RAE Systems Inc.
Country: United States (USA)

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