Wireless Mesh Sensor Networking from Sensicast

Wireless Mesh Sensor Networking from Sensicast
Sensicast Systems Inc.
Sensicast Systems Inc., Needham, MA, offers the SensiNet 3.0 wireless mesh sensor networking system that can be tailored to specific applications by using a self-configuring building-block approach. The elements of SensiNet 3.0 include SensiNet smart sensors that are battery-operated components which interface to industry-standard sensor probes; SensiNet mesh routers that can be used to extend the range of the smart sensors and to create a redundant network backbone infrastructure; and the SensiNet services gateway, with embedded connectivity and data reporting functionality, that manages the SensiNet network and integrates it with legacy systems.

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Company: Sensicast Systems Inc.
Phone number: 781-453-2555
Fax: 781-453-0601

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