Wireless Mesh Networking Module from RF Monolithics

Wireless Mesh Networking Module from RF Monolithics
RF Monolithics Inc.
The DM2200 module from RF Monolithics Inc., Dallas, TX, is an embedded module that communicates 600 m in open air, consumes 4.5 mA in receive mode and 68 µA in standby mode, and uses the company's VersaMESH mesh networking protocol. VersaMESH uses a rules-based routing architecture and lets every node in the network function as a router while also connecting to sensors. Any node can communicate to any other node without having to route through a single network master or coordinator. Each module operates in the 900 MHz band, has a serial port and 10 configurable I/O ports, and its application environment supports user applications running on its embedded microcontroller.

Contact Info

Company: RF Monolithics Inc.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 972-233-2903

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