Wireless M-BUS Meter Reading Module from Radiocrafts

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Radiocrafts AS

The RC1700HP-MBUS4 module from Radiocrafts AS, Oslo, Norway, is a 169 MHz Wireless M-Bus module for long-range automatic meter reading (AMR) applications. The module is fully compliant with prEN 13757-4:2011; combines VHF frequency, true narrowband operation, and high output power; and has a typical range of 1.5 km in urban areas and 20–40 km in open terrain with quarter-wave antennas. The extended feature set for time-critical two-way communication includes the ability to detect and receive both frame formats in parallel and support encryption on extended link layer and application layer. The module can be used in the meter side, at the concentrator side, or as a stand-alone repeater.

Contact Info

Company: Radiocrafts AS
Country: Norway
Phone number: +47 4000-5195
Fax: +47 22-71-29-15

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