Wireless Industrial-Class Tank-Level Monitoring System Now Available

BURLINGTON, Mass. /PRNewswire/ -- Millennial Net, Inc., announced the release of its new tank-level monitoring solution based on its proven MeshScape 5424 family of 2.4 GHz wireless mesh and enterprise software, modules, and gateways. The solution is suited to increase asset health or improve asset optimization by monitoring remote tanks to improve operational efficiency. This extends Millennial Net's flagship MeshScape wireless mesh networking system to provide a vertically integrated product targeted for the chemical, oil, gas, and environmental industries.

The new solution is "first" to provide a critical end-to-end optimized application that can cost effectively be scaled to integrate tank-level and other application data from as few as two to three tanks to more than 100 tanks leveraging commercially available sensors. Enterprise integration is achieved via industry-standard interfaces, including ODBC or OPC. Reliability of the solution is ensured via Millennial Net's deployment proven MeshScape system. This system has been used extensively in large-scale, industrial-class wireless networks, scaling to hundreds of nodes and demonstrating industry leading power efficiency, robustness, reliability, and dynamic routing performance.

"The new tank-level monitoring solution is a direct response to our customers," explained Martin Hanssmann, vice president, sales and marketing at Millennial Net. "Having proven the benefits of wireless mesh network technology in early pilots, users want to move to volume deployments with an industrial-strength product that focuses on ease of deployment, maintainability, and low COO."

Unlike other solutions that employ point-to-point or one-to-many network topologies, Millennial Net provides an industrial solution that fully leverages the reliability and scalability benefits of a mesh network topology.

About Millennial Net
Millennial Net develops commercial- and industrial-class wireless networking systems for sensing and control applications that enable OEMs and systems integrators to quickly and cost-effectively implement wireless sensor networks. These networks enable the remote monitoring and management of critical devices while providing data to enable more informed decision-making, better control, and increased revenue opportunities. Millennial Net's patented ad hoc, self-organizing wireless sensor networking MeshScape system leads the industry in power efficiency, support for dynamic systems and mobile sensors, reliability, and scalability. MeshScape product information is available online at the company's Web site.