Wireless Handheld DPM Barcode Reader from KEYENCE

KEYENCE Corporation of America has released a wireless handheld barcode reader with extremely stable reading capabilities. Through customer interaction and market research, KEYENCE has identified two glaring problems with handheld DPM code readers currently on the market:

1. Slow reading ability
2. Unstable and inconsistent reading

The SR-G100 has been developed to address these issues in order to make reading both quick and stable.

Superior Reading Capabilities

KEYENCE´s SR-G100 handheld barcode reader was designed to achieve consistent reading speed and stability regardless of code quality. The SR-G100 utilizes polarizing illumination and multi-angle lights for advanced reading regardless of surface condition or geometry. A comprehensive Auto Tune mode automatically calibrates the SR-G100 to optimal settings for its environment, greatly reducing setup time.

Flexibility and Wireless Capabilities

The SR-G100 is a wireless handheld reader, allowing you to work without having to worry about wire interference or the potential to damage cords. Data transfer can be accomplished through multiple communication protocols: Ethernet/IP PROFINET PLC link USBThe ability to communicate wirelessly through multiple protocols makes the SR-G100 an easily-integrated tool for all traceability applications.

Industrial Grade

The SR-G100´s drop resistance and IP54 enclosure rating allows it to stand up to tough industrial environments, whether that be on the production floor or the quality lab. The KEYENCE SR-G100 Series was designed to provide a truly reliable and versatile solution for all of your handheld code reading needs.

For more information or a product demonstration, call 1-888-KEYENCE or visit http://www.keyence.com/srgpr

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