Wireless Environmental Monitor from LORD MicroStrain

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LORD Corp., MicroStrain Sensing Systems

The ENV-Link-Mini-LXRS from LORD MicroStrain, Williston, VT, is a plug-and-play wireless environmental monitoring node that continuously acquires sensor data in outdoor or harsh settings. The device accommodates an RH/temperature sensor and three additional 0–5 VDC sensors; possibilities include pyranometer, soil moisture, leaf wetness, rain gauge, wind speed and direction, water level, barometric pressure, conductivity, strain gauges, and thermocouples. Multiple units may be deployed up to 2 km from the wireless gateway and data are either stored locally or forwarded to a cloud server. Applications include environmental monitoring, precision agriculture, crop maintenance, ecological research, smart building HVAC monitoring, and solar and wind surveying.

Contact Info

Company: LORD Corp., MicroStrain Sensing Systems
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 802-862-6629

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