Wireless Diesel Tachometer Simplifies Readings with Virtually Any Motor

Wireless Diesel Tachometer Simplifies Readings with Virtually Any Motor
The company’s Wireless Diesel Tachometer promises to provide a simple, self-powered solution for generating tachometry readings from nearly any motor. The process is based on the company’s patented Electrodynamic Energy Harvesting (EH) technology, which powers the device and enables the unit’s magnetic induction sensors to read RPM pulses directly from the engine’s motion and produce instant data. The energy-harvesting method utilizes magnetic induction to power the tachometer’s RPM sensor and signal transmitter. This is achieved through the capture and enhancement of energy created when a moving magnet passes by the conductor. In order to create the magnetic presence within a diesel engine or any other motor, the tachometer’s small neodymium magnets are attached to the flywheel or ideally a harmonic balancer. These magnets then create both the opportunity to harvest energy and the pulses needed to read RPMs. For more details, visit http://www.jennova.com/index.php/products/diesel-tachometer Jennova Inc. Nashville, TN 615-442-6551 http://www.jennova.com

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