Wireless Corrosion Monitor Integrates With All ISA100 Test Systems

Wireless Corrosion Monitor Integrates With All ISA100 Test Systems

The MWT-3905 wireless transmitter debuts as the first corrosion monitoring instrument to integrate with a Yokogawa or any other ISA100 wireless systems. Multiple transmitters can be combined with wireless extenders to form a network of up to 500 devices. ISA100 gives users the flexibility of choosing either star or mesh network topologies. RCS ISA100 devices have an effective wireless range of 450m, providing a large network coverage area. Other features include high-resolution metal loss measurements providing 18 bit resolution, deployable in hazardous area locations (Class 1, Zone 1) with temperatures ranging from -40°C to +70°C, and a typical lifespan of three years. For more details and specs, visit http://www.cosasco.com/microcor-wireless-corrosion-monitoring-transmitter.html?cPath=396_258_802_797_799  

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Santa Fe Springs, CA

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