Wireless and Passive SAW Sensors from SENSeOR

Wireless and Passive SAW Sensors from SENSeOR

The TSA F151 from SENSeOR, Sophia-Antipolis and Besançon, France, is a passive wireless sensor for surface temperature measurement from –15°C to 165°C. The surface acoustic wave (SAW) sensor is 26 by 16 by 12.6 mm and can be mounted using either 2 M3 screws, 2 clamps, glue, or magnets; it is wirelessly interrogated using either the WR E or WR C and D Series RF transceivers and can be simultaneously interrogated with up to 24 sensors for integration in wireless sensor networks. Applications include condition monitoring on moving or rotating parts and in electrical switchgears.

Contact Info

Company: SENSeOR
Country: France
Phone number: +33 (0)4 97-23-13-20

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