Wi-Fi Chip Gives Batteries New Lease On Life

InnoPhase unleashes the Talaria TWO platform, a complete wireless IoT solution integrated on a single chip. It contains a multiprotocol transceiver, MAC/PHY, digital power amplifier, and an embedded ARM processor. According to its maker, the Talaria TWO chip is designed for battery-based IoT applications and is optimized to be the lowest power Wi-Fi solution in the industry. It has the potential to create a whole new class of IoT products that can cut the power cord and be battery-based with a DTIM3 specification half that of leading wireless Wi-Fi solutions.


The device employs InnoPhase’s patented PolaRFusion radio architecture, which processes radio signals using polar coordinates rather than traditional IQ coordinates. This is said to dramatically reduce the amount of power required to transmit, process, and receive wireless information using industry standard wireless protocols. It achieves this by moving most of the radio signal processing from analog circuits, found in today’s IQ-architecture wireless solutions, into power and size efficient digital logic. For greater illumination, checkout the Talaria TWO wireless platform.


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