Who Will Win Most Innovative IP Design in the IoT?







Who Will Win Most Innovative IP Design in the IoT?


Now in its second year, the IPSO CHALLENGE, a Global Competition for Most Innovative IP Design in the IoT, is being hosted by the IPSO Alliance at Sensors Expo in Chicago from June 24-26, 2014.


In exactly one week, 10 teams from around the world will present their unique IP-based inventions and demo prototypes at the IoT Pavilion, sponsored by IPSO Alliance, Atmel, Micrium, HOP Ubiquitous, and Sigma Designs


A panel of IPSO Member experts, representing companies from across the industry spectrum, will judge the entries and decide on the Top 3 Finalists.


The IPSO CHALLENGE Awards Ceremony, sponsored by Google, will be held on Wednesday, June 25 at 3:00 p.m. on the Sensors Magazine Stage. The Grand Prize Winner ($10,000 USD), Second Place ($5,000 USD) and Third Place ($2,500 USD) will be announced.  


A People's Choice Award winner will be announced on June 26.


Members of the Media are welcome. Interviews Available. 




"CarKnow" - A vehicle data system that uses IP to create a Cloud mirror of vehicle sensor data, allowing remote access of on-board diagnostics, telematics and controls through a GSM "CARduino" bridge.

Team Lead: Josh Siegel

Company: CarKnow LLC

Country: USA 

Industry: Automotive


"CenLab Portable Chemistry Analyzer" - A handheld IoT device that allows for rapid screening of fluids along with geotagging and cloud publishing.

Team Leads: Robert Assimiti, Rares Ivan, Ion Toma

Company: Centero

Country: USA

Industry: Healthcare


"GameReality" - A battle robot that can be virtually controlled and monitored over the internet for global, real time, laser tag robot games.

Team Lead: M.Sc. Magnus Ivarsson

Company: GameReality

Country: Sweden

Industry: Smart Gaming


"HOP into the IoT with IPv6-Ready Tiny and Wearable Bluetooth Smart Devices" - A small, versatile, wireless IP smart object that allows for rapid IoT prototyping and interconnection with Smart Phones and Cloud Computing platforms.

Team: Dr. Antonio Jesus Jara Valera, David Fernandes Ros, Pablo Lopez Martinez, Jose Felix Castillo Moya

Company: HOP Ubiquitous S.L.

Country: Spain

Industry: Wearables


"Indoor Positioning System" - A system that utilizes Ultra Wide Band technology and IP to accurately locate asset TAGs and precise locations of moving objects within a building.

Team Leads: M.Sc. Asfak Rahman, Dr. Alar Kuusik

Company: ELIKO

Country: Estonia

Industry: Logistics


"IoTSys Control Logic Editor" - An IP-based communication stack and integration middleware for home/building automation sensors and actuators.

Team Leads: Markus Jung, Jürgen Weidinger

Organization: Vienna University of Technology

Country: Austria

Industry: Smart Buildings


"Predictive House Fan Controller" - A home comfort system that utilizes IP-based window position sensors and indoor/outdoor temperature sensors to improve energy efficiency and occupant comfort by controlling a whole house fan.

Team Lead: Brett Warneke

Country: USA

Industry: Smart Home


"Ripple" - A real-time patient monitoring system (scalable medical telemetry) that utilizes IP-based wireless health sensors for supporting combat rescue.

Team: James West, Nir Weiner, Nathan Weinle, Brandon Harmon, Lucas Boswell, Matt McCartney, Adam Renner, Dr. Robert Williams

Organization: Discovery Lab at Wright Brothers Institute & U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory

Country: USA

Industry: Health Care


"SmartTap" -  A low-cost system for real-time monitoring of potable water quality through IP-based sensors.

Team Lead: Dr. Theofanis Lambrou

Company: Aqualligence

Country: Cyprus

Industry: Environmental


"Yanzi" - A home automation system with leading edge scalable software that provides automatic configuration of IoT devices such as plugs, lamps and sensors.

Team: Lars Ramfelt, Niclas Sahlgren, Marie Lassborn, Stefan Sandhagen, Fredrik Ljungberg, Anna Olofsson, Simon Gidlund

Company: Yanzi Networks

Country: Sweden

Industry: Smart Home



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