What Electronics Technologies Wag Their Tails In 2019?

Well, try as we will, I guess we can’t avoid the avalanche of predictions and resolutions for the new year. That being the case, perhaps we should look at a few and you can judge for yourself if they will hold water or leak like a lacerated bladder.


According to Niklas Kvist, Head of Engineering at Swedish sensor manufacturer JonDeTech, the Intelligence of Things, 5G, smart clothes, and sensors connected to IoT solutions are some of the trends that will bulk up in 2019. He says, “technological trends coming up in 2019 may be more exciting than ever and we are facing a variety of breakthroughs in the coming year.”

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Here is the Kvist list:


1. Smarter Internet Of Things becomes Intelligence of Things


Everything that can be connected will be connected. We already knew that. But the next step is that our IoT gadgets – at home and at work – are becoming more and more AI-controlled when individual sensors and devices will have Machine Learning capabilities integrated locally in the product. One such example is the Wi-Fi speakers equipped with AI intelligence, and more products are to come.


2. Niche-integrated solutions equipped with multifunction for IoT


In 2019, development goes more towards niche-integrated solutions with multifunction in the shape of different sensors, including connectivity. One such example is wireless communication sensors that are fully customized and optimized at chip level to deliver as cost-effective, small and battery-low-priced products as possible. The application areas are mainly products within IoT.


3. Smart clothes, Smart watches and Fitbits


Smart and digitally managed gadgets in health have been on the agenda for a while. Many people think that in 2019 it is also time for smart clothes. We are talking about small and smart sensors in patches and clothes that can measure everything from ECG, pulse and muscle use, but also measuring body temperature on sick children and UV radiation using the swimwear. But there will also be outdoor products like smart socks, which by pressure can measure as well running distance as time and speed, but also clothes that regulate heat themselves depending on body and outdoor temperature.


4. 5G, 5G, 5G


Yes, 5G will be launched in 2020, but will be increasingly hot even in 2019, as products will be launched with support for faster speed, fast response times and a huge number of users per station. Add to that: Since 5G is the enabler for cars to communicate with each other one can expect that the car industry will continue to push for 5G to be materialized.


Since 2003, JonDeTech has been researching and developing the next generation IR-sensor. It is the world’s thinnest IR-sensor, based on Nano-technology and can be manufactured in a cost-efficient way in enormous volumes. The sensor is made of plastic, robust, flexible and measures temperature and heat flux with high precision and accuracy. For more details, visit JonDeTech. And for questions about 2019 insights and predictions, contact Niklas Kvist via email at [email protected].


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