Webinar Teaches How To Extract Bounty From A Lean Laboratory

Webinar Teaches How To Extract Bounty From A Lean Laboratory
Mettler-Toledo LLC

METTLER TOLEDO’s upcoming webinar will give some ideas on how to use technical aspects of laboratory equipment and workflows to optimize processes according to the lean idea. Responsible lab managers and coordinators are asked to convert their laboratory into a lean lab. This webinar explains the analogies of lean manufacturing with lean lab and suggests aspects of our products that help you to convert your lab into a lean lab. Topics include:
• Principles of the "Lean" Idea
• Analogies between Lean Manufacturing and Lean Lab
• Which Degree of Automation is Helpful
• Reduce wastes in the Lab and Increase Efficiency
After the 25-minute presentation, there will be an opportunity to participate in a Q&A session and discuss direct points of interest with application experts.

The webinar will be presented on Thursday, March 17th at 12:00 pm EST. Local time will be on Registration Page. Registration is free of charge at http://us.mt.com/us/en/home/events/webinar/live/Lean_Laboratory.html

Mettler-Toledo LLC
Columbus, OH

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Company: Mettler-Toledo LLC
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