Webinar on August 19

Join us for a Webinar on August 19

Free Live Webinar on Transformation, Trends and Strategies -
Building a Framework for the Future Office Dealer

Date: August 19, 2015
Time: 1:00 pm EDT

Channels, today, are going through tremendous transformation as the IT and Office Equipment industry as a whole continues to change, converge and become ultra-competitive. Additionally, the mega trends around big data, security, cloud, mobility and the Internet of Things are topics that organizations are hearing about and assembling their strategies to move forward in this new digital connected industry. The channels are also being forced to understand these trends and establish a strategy to participate in these topics. Lastly, channels and organizations are trying to understand how these trends fit into their print and output strategies. An integrated business software solution for the office equipment industry can be at the heart of all these trends and it can help channels better articulate how these solutions can benefit their customers.

In this session InfoTrends, a leader in solutions and digital technologies, will talk about:

  • How the mega trends of big data, security, cloud, mobility and the Internet of Things are affecting and transforming the IT and office equipment Industries
  • Why a fully integrated business software solution should be at the heart of all of these trends and strategies
  • What is the new role of the channel and how to engage in a fully integrated business software solution strategy

We look forward to your participation!


Randy Dazo
Senior Director

Greg Allen
Founding Partner and Current Vice President of Operations at ECi FMAudit

Mark Watthuber
Senior Account Manager for ECi
e-automate (formally Digital Gateway Inc.)



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