Web-Enabled Mesh Sensor Network Offers Remote PLC and Process Monitoring

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. /BUSINESS WIRE/ -- Accsense, Inc., provider of Web-based remote monitoring solutions, introduced the industry's first turnkey wireless sensor product. Right out of the box, Accsense's solution measures a wide range of physical properties, such as temperature, and makes real-time measurements available online from any computer or Web-enabled device. No software installation or complex configuration is required.

The Accsense product line features wireless sensor Pods that measure ambient temperature, humidity, light, noise, and vibration. Accsense sensor Pods are compatible with a range of standard external plug-in sensors and probes, including thermocouples, RTDs, and thermistors. Their industry-standard 4-20ma, 0-5V, digital (contact closure) and pulse counter inputs can also connect to sensors that measure flow, pH, electrical current, pressure, acceleration, gas concentration, tank levels, proximity, wind speed, soil moisture—almost anything that can be measured. A single Pod can simultaneously measure up to nine different properties.

The Pods can also be directly connected to the outputs from programmable logic controllers (PLCs) for an easy way to provide real-time PLC/process status monitoring on the Web.

"The Accsense solution is breakthrough in its ability to easily obtain and deliver information and to diagnose and solve problems," said Tobin Greensweig, Product Manager for Accsense, Inc. "Competitive wireless sensor systems require complex configuration and extended set-up time. Accsense offers the first 5 minute solution for monitoring facilities and equipment globally over the Internet, with the ability to receive alerts via cell phone or email if measurements fall out of range," he added.

Accsense products can streamline processes across all industries. Applications for food processing plants, medical manufacturing facilities, labs of all kinds, and agricultural entities can offer immediate benefits and cost-savings. The product is ideal for remotely monitoring equipment.—for example, when harmful chemicals or extreme conditions prevent onsite monitoring or when a scientist or manager is at home or miles away from a lab, plant, field, or facility. The Accsense solution may render strip chart recorders obsolete by enabling the digital reporting and archiving of the same information now recorded by pen and paper.

The Accsense system's cost savings are significant when considering the cost of installing and maintaining a wired sensor network (typically $100/ft. or more), but the real value of the Accsense solution comes with the enhanced quality of decision-making that results from having more and better information about physical processes.

The complete Accsense product includes up to 16 wireless sensor Pods; a Pod Gateway for connecting the sensor network to the Internet; and an online account for monitoring, delivering alarms, storing and analyzing data. The sensor Pods automatically form a highly secure, self-healing mesh network with a wireless reach of up to 4,000 ft. (3/4 mile).

Accsense markets individual sensor Pods as well as bundled solutions, including a starter kit, environmental monitoring kit, and temperature kit. Each kit contains one or more sensor Pods, a Pod Gateway, a 12-month premium subscription, and essential accessories in a portable carrying case.

Sensor Pods range in price from $295 to $635, depending on the combination of measurements and inputs. A Pod Gateway is $795 and supports up to 16 pods (each transmits up to 260 ft.). The Accsense-hosted online service is available via monthly subscription. The standard account is free and enables users to monitor their data online and download it for deeper analysis. At $24.95 per month, the premium account offers additional features, such as analytical charting and alarms that send alerts to cell phones, pagers, and email if measurements fall out of range.

About Accsense, Inc.
Headquartered in Santa Barbara, Calif., Accsense is the leading provider of wireless sensor solutions that are quick to deploy and easy to use. Accsense delivers affordable remote monitoring and data acquisition/logging sensor networks to customers, including manufacturing plants, factories, labs, hospitals, and greenhouses.

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