WeatherBug Introduces New Mapplet for Google

GERMANTOWN, MD /PRNewswire/ -- WeatherBug, a leading provider of live local weather information, announced it has developed a new mapplet for Google Maps. Available now in the My Maps tab on, the WeatherBug mapplet takes data derived the company's worldwide proprietary network of tracking stations and weather sensors and puts temperature markers on the map. The mapplet also delivers severe weather alerts and traffic and live camera images, mashing up relevant elements for users to make more informed decisions.

The WeatherBug mapplet was launched via a new feature on Google Maps that enables third-party developers to create mini-applications that can be added to Google Maps. Users can now combine information from multiple sites on the same map, essentially creating their own "mashup of mashups" directly on the Google Maps site.

"The weather information embedded in WeatherBug's mapplet is a perfect fit for Google Maps," said Thai Train, Product Manager for Google Maps. "This is the type of innovation and local information that we hope will benefit our users the most."

When users click the WeatherBug temperature or camera icons on the map, additional content—such as wind direction, wind speed, weather alerts, weather cameras, and traffic cameras—will be displayed in the mapplet. The mapplet links to WeatherBug's Web site, which streams live neighborhood weather to consumers from the "largest, most precise weather network in the world."

"We are excited to be one of the first to develop on this platform and to showcase the relevancy of maps, weather alerts, and traffic cameras," said Shane Lundy, Vice President of Product Strategy for AWS Convergence Technologies Inc., owner of the WeatherBug brand. "With consumer-behavior habits changing, WeatherBug is committed to innovating around new technologies so that every consumer has access to the most relevant weather information and weather alerts. As these new technologies emerge, WeatherBug will continue to remain the largest distributor of severe weather alerts across multiple platforms worldwide."

By combining its proprietary asset, the "world's largest network of live weather sensors," with publicly available weather data from around the world, the WeatherBug Network provides a "level of depth and granularity that is unmatched in the industry." The data from this network is relied upon by millions of consumers, television broadcast partners, businesses, energy companies, and federal, state and local government agencies every day. In addition, WeatherBug has formed a strong public/private partnership with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's National Weather Service (NWS). As a result, weather information from the WeatherBug Network is available to the NWS at any time and to the Department of Homeland Security, when severe weather is imminent or in the unfortunate event of a terrorist attack.

An electronic copy of this release is available via RSS and can be found in the media center on the WeatherBug corporate Web site.

About WeatherBug
WeatherBug and WeatherBug Professional ensure that individuals, schools, businesses and government agencies receive the most precise live weather information, the most relevant weather reports, and the earliest weather warnings to safeguard property and lives and to plan with confidence. With a worldwide network of weather sensors and WeatherBug Tracking Stations and cameras, primarily based at neighborhood schools and public safety facilities across the U.S., WeatherBug maintains the "largest exclusive weather network in the world." The live local weather conditions are delivered to millions of consumers via the Internet and mobile devices; to more than 100 state and local government agencies, including the National Weather Service; and to broadcast television stations, schools, and businesses. WeatherBug is a brand of AWS Convergence Technologies Inc.

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