Wearable Technology Products Demand Highly Accurate Biometric Technology

RALEIGH, NC – Valencell announces it is seeing a staggering demand from its licensees for highly accurate, clinically validated biometric technology. This demand, the Company revealed, is not solely coming from fitness and health sectors, but first responders/military and gaming industries as well.

"A wearable is only as useful as the biometric data it delivers. As a result, accuracy is the ultimate driver in long-term mass consumer adoption of wearable products," said Dr. Steven LeBoeuf, president of Valencell. "We have invested years of research and development into our PerformTek biometric sensor technology – the only clinically validated optomechanical sensor technology that has been proven to deliver highly accurate, continuous heart rate monitoring and other key metrics vital to tracking performance."

In 2014, Valencell saw a staggering demand for its PerformTek biometric technology, with a 300% increase in licensing partners Additionally, the Company has expanded into the gaming and first responder/military markets, where highly accurate biometric data is also in high demand.

"The wearable industry is approaching a turning point. With more and more new products being introduced in a variety of form factors, consumers are left with many choices and limited information about what works best," said Michael Dering, CEO of Valencell. "Over time, we predict the products that provide the most accurate, comprehensive data will be the wearables that consumers will choose."

According to a recent Nielson Connected Life report that explored the appeal of wearable technology, 70% of respondents noted that accuracy was a preferred feature of their wearable product.

Market leaders such as Intel, LG, and Jabra have partnered with Valencell to license PerformTek biometric technology for their wearable products.

"The Valencell PerformTek biometric technology was critical to the development of our Sport Pulse™ Wireless Earbuds, designed to advance and take fitness performance training to the next level," said Darcy Clarkson, Senior Vice President at Jabra Consumer Solutions. "In order to deliver enhanced training capabilities, we needed highly accurate, clinically proven technology – which only PerformTek can deliver."

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