Waterflow Detector Outfits Fire Sprinklers

Waterflow Detector Outfits Fire Sprinklers

Redesigned to meet the needs of today’s fire sprinkler professional, the WFDN Series waterflow detector adds features that include a timer dial, cover, and terminal block. Said to be a first for waterflow detectors, the timer dial includes a built-in time delay mechanism that is immune to dust and other contaminants. The directional cover is molded so it can only be installed in one orientation, allowing the building owner or installer to see the direction of waterflow at a glance. The new non-metallic material is UV- and damage-resistant, and it helps provide a better seal while maintaining a NEMA 4 enclosure rating. The cover also acts as an insulator, resists corrosion and arching, and resists damage and electric shock more effectively than current metal designs on the market. For more information, visit http://systemsensor.com/en-us/Pages/Sprinkler-WFDNSeries.aspx  

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