Water-Treatment Machine Cleans Up The Dirtiest Water

Micromet has designed a water treatment machine in South Australia, which uses electrolysis to remove pollutants from contaminated water such as sewage, grey water, and industrial effluents. The company signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Chinese industrial group Dadongwu in Adelaide last week and is setting up a manufacturing plant in South Australia.

Micromet Engineering Sales Director Andrew Townsend said the company’s six-module machines could clean 12-litres a second and could be deployed in a standard 40-foot shipping container. He said most other water treatment technologies usually took 24 to 36 hours to treat wastewater. “The residence time in our machine from when the dirty water drops in one end to when it starts to flow out the other end is around 50 minutes,” Townsend said.

“We’re shipping them in shipping containers because pretty much you just drop the container in, affix pipes to it and attach power and make sure it’s all working and you can literally commission it in a day or two days, which is very different from having to build a traditional system which can take months and months to construct.”

The process uses continuous flow electrolysis methods with special anti passivation technology that has eluded such systems in the past. The Micromet equipment is also very energy efficient, using just 0.25KWH to process 1000 litres compared to a reverse osmosis system that can require 20-40KWH to process the same amount...

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