Water Purification System Delivers Up To 13,000 Liters Daily

The Milli-Q HR 7000 series offers laboratories and research facilities a high-throughput water purification system as a uniquely connected and sustainable central pure water solution. The system ensures constant water quality and flow rate, while reducing water consumption and running costs compared to other high-throughput reverse osmosis (RO) systems. Its installation and distribution options allow it to reliably produce from a few hundred to up to 13,000 liters of pure water daily. The Milli-Q HR 7000 series delivers optimum quality type 3 water for use in regular laboratory applications and instrument feeds. Advanced purification technologies include Progard cartridges, advanced RO membranes, and MilliporeSigma’s patented ERA (Evolutive Reject Adjustment) technology. ERA automatically takes feed water quality into account to optimize water recovery by 45% to 75%, reducing water usage and costs. For more details and full specs, visit the Milli-Q HR 7000 Series product page.


EMD Millipore

Billerica, MA