Water Potential Sensor Employs Ceramic Discs

Water Potential Sensor Employs Ceramic Discs

The MPS-6 Matric water potential sensor uses ceramic discs and a six-point water potential calibration to take soil water potential measurements across a plant’s available water range in almost any environment. It enables long-term, maintenance-free soil water potential and temperature readings at any depth. Range is from -9 kPa to -100,000 kPa with 10% accuracy in the available water range. The MPS-6 is useful for irrigation monitoring, tracking slope stability, observing forest and range plant available water, and many other soil water applications. A demo video is available at http://decagon.wistia.com/medias/05ty4mzaqt. More specs are available at http://www.decagon.com/mps6

Decagon Devices
Pullman, WA

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