Warning Indicators Provide Audible And Visible Alarms

Transducers USA expands its Tonelight Series warning indicators to include a family of models with stainless steel housings.  They are panel-mounted devices featuring a combination of audible and LED warning signals, emitting both sound and flashing lights. In addition to their stainless-steel housings and buttons for use in harsh environments, the Tonelight models are available with green, yellow, orange, blue, white or red LED lens covers.  Two new models are offered:


TRIP-LB100SS-R12: The voltage rating for this model is 12 Vdc. Other models include 24 Vdc and 110 Vac to 220 Vac.  The siren operates at 85 dB at 10 cm.  Operating temperature range is -20⁰ C to +55⁰ C.  A screw terminal provides for panel mounting.  This model is rated IP50 and IK04.


TRIP-LB150SS-R12: The voltage rating for this model is 12 ac/dc.  Current rating is ≤30 mA.  Its siren also operates at 85 dB at 10 cm.  This model is rated IP40.


For more information, checkout the Tonelight Series page.


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