VSG announces the release of Avizo Fire 7

MERIGNAC, France -- Visualization Sciences Group (VSG) announces the release of version 7 of Avizo Fire, the 3D visualization and analysis software for Non-Destructive Testing (NDT), Industrial Inspection and Materials Research. This version brings a new set of features dedicated to the industrial inspection and NDT users making it a perfect tool for in-deep analysis of defects and measurements.

Version 7 introduces several automated workflows to help users perform complex analysis processes in a few clicks. Upon loading 3D images, Avizo Fire can now automatically compute the threshold of each material phase and display the resulting levels in each visualization module. Along with the display of values histogram in slider ports, this feature helps you quickly view the relevant information. Tools have been reorganized, renamed and simplified and many tooltips help you find the right tool among hundreds of possibilities. The learning curve is thus improved and productivity is significantly increased. Image processing capabilities have been expanded with a set of state-of-the-art features. Some of the most time-consuming image processing tasks such as filtering are now implemented using GPU computing.

"With Avizo Fire 7 we are reaching a new level of performance and ergonomics", says Pascal Doux, VSG Product Director. "Avizo Fire 7 delivers many new features and enhancements in image processing and analysis which facilitate filtering, segmentation and measurement on 3D images. Its enhanced and simplified user interface makes this new version of Avizo Fire a powerful and really easy-to-use 3D analysis software for NDT specialists".

About Avizo Fire
Avizo Fire provides powerful tools for visualizing and analyzing multi-modal 3D data. It is used in many ways throughout all the research, design and development phases of a material or product, and its 2D/3D image review software tools and workflow offer high-performance capabilities to NDT specialists.

About Visualization Sciences Group (VSG)
VSG - Visualization Sciences Group is the leading provider of high-performance 3D visualization software and toolkits for engineers, scientists, and application developers. They provide advanced 3D software technologies for scientific data visualization, engineering and simulation, materials science and earth sciences.

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