Volumetric Flowmeter from IFM Efector

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ifm efector inc.

The SQ Series flowmeter from IFM Efector Inc., Exton, PA, is designed to deposit small dosing quantities up to 200 ml/min. in water and aqueous solutions. The compact device can be used in chemical/additive dosing applications found in chemical processing, water treatment, irrigation, and fertigation. An internal measuring pipe provides exact dosing quantities and is protected against mechanical strain and external influences. Features include calorimetric flow sensing, a 4-digit numeric display with pushbutton setup, and switching, pulse, and 4–20 mA outputs. Response time is <0.15 s and repeatability is ±0.2%.

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Company: ifm efector inc.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 800-441-8246
Fax: 800-329-0436

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