Voltree to Present at Mechatronics Engineering Congress

BOSTON /BUSINESS WIRE/ -- Dr. Andreas Mershin, Science Advisor, Boston-based Voltree Power has been selected to share his company's work in the design and development of innovative tree-based energy-harvesting technologies used to power a wireless mesh network of ultra-lower-power wireless fire-detection sensors. The 7th International Congress of Mechatronics Engineering will be held starting March 25, at the University of Tecnológico de Monterrey, in Monterrey, Mexico. The conference spotlights the world's most innovative technologies being developed in universities around the world.

"The potential of Voltree's fire-detector sensor networks and the energy-harvesting technologies that can utilize power from living trees to run the sensors and the network is fascinating," said Adrian Cavazos, Content Coordinator for the International Conference of Mechatronics Engineering. "Who would have thought that energy from the trees could power a huge wireless network in a forest, without killing the trees?"

The presentation will highlight recent progress in biophotovoltaics (solar power from plants), membrane protein–based chemical sensors (bioelectronic "noses") and mesh-networked telemetry systems powered by the metabolic energy of living trees ("electreecity").

"To be selected to present at this very prestigious event is quite an honor for the Voltree team," said Stella Karavas, CEO of Voltree. "We will be joined by leading researchers from around the world who are doing groundbreaking work in many different aspects of technology."

A patent holder and entrepreneur in the field of biophotovoltaics and biosensors, Dr, Andreas Mershin has acted as science advisor to several MIT100K competitors and is the 2003 winner of the Texas A&M Center for New Ventures and Entrepreneurship Business Idea Competition.

About Voltree
Voltree Power is a leader in converging three exciting technologies—energy harvesting, low-power radios, and mesh wireless networks—to offer battery-free solutions for remote sensing applications in government, military, and agricultural applications.

Voltree's patented bioenergy harvester converts living plant metabolic energy to useable electricity. The Voltree power module is a unique battery-replacement alternative that "removes the last bottleneck from the practical deployment of large-scale mesh networks."

Voltree Power offices and manufacturing facility are based in Canton, MA.

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