Voltamaxx Self Charging Cell Phone Adapter

WOODSTOCK, GA -- Ground breaking, ahead of its time technological advances are essential when disposable products rule the market and are outdated within years. Devices are only as good as their batteries and must be plugged in regularly. At 27th Century Technologies we are working to move the world from transportable to 100% portable without strings, or in this case wires.

The challenges facing cellular phone, tablet, and laptop industries include:
•Capacity versus weight
•Charge times versus run times
•Over-heating or thermal runaway during charging
•Reduced calendar and cycle life from heat or dendrite build up

New chemistries have improved battery life and size management has increased output but nothing addresses the root problems. 27th Century Technologies has been researching and developing technologies that will significantly extend battery life and our technology will eliminate the need for a wall outlet and reduce the need to continually replace your battery.

What makes 27th Century's Products and Services Different and Better?
•We don't want to change existing battery chemistries. We are developing technologies that use all the potential by eliminating harmful factors.
•Our products will work on all existing battery chemistries. Our design can easily be modified to work with all future chemistries.
•We have spent years designing and developing the Voltamaxx adapter to harness the energy all around us and eliminate the need for a wall plug. This will be explained in our patent filings.
•We are poised to move to the forefront of the battery industry with a product that is safer, cost-effective, and far exceeds any other product offering.

Why does this difference matter to our target audience?

The number one complaint of cell phone users is battery life. No current products can sustain a substantial run time while providing a quality display and processor speed. With our lightweight solutions 27th Century Technologies will provide far superior run time and substantially increase battery life span.

For more details, go to http://www.27thcenturytechnologies.net


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