VNA Is Versatile And Affordable

Touted as a straightforward, accurate, fast, portable, and low-cost measurement instrument supporting emerging applications such as 5G, IoT, radar, and tissue and materials imaging, the PicoVNA 106 USB-controlled, 300 kHz to 6 GHz vector network analyzer offer high performance, portability, and affordability. The instrument boasts a full-function, minimal-error, ‘Quad RX’ four-receiver architecture. This supports both 8- and 12-term calibration without the uncorrectable switching errors, delays and unreliability of traditional three-receiver designs. The instrument supports convenient calibration methods such as ‘enhanced isolation correction’ and ‘unknown thru’. Features include a dynamic range up to 118 dB at 10 Hz, 0.005-dBRMS trace noise at its maximum bandwidth of 140 kHz, and the ability gather all four S-parameters at 190-µs per frequency point. The PicoVNA 106 is supplied with Microsoft Windows software to support a full range of plot formats for scalar and vector view of dual or single-port parameters. For more information visit  


Pico Technology North America Inc.

Tyler, TX