VME RTD/resistance Input Module Provides 16 Channels

VME RTD/resistance Input Module Provides 16 Channels
Highland Technology Inc.

The V410 RTD/resistance input module features 16 independent channels configurable for two-wire, three-wire, and four-wire resistance measurement and is capable of measuring from 1Ω to 3 MΩ. This makes the module suitable for use with 100Ω and 1-kΩ RTDs, thermistors, and other resistive sensors. It can also read cryogenic diodes. Look-up tables are included for 100Ω and 1 kΩ, 385, and 392 platinum RTDs. Built-in self-test reports both internal errors and wiring faults. Any channel of the V410 may be switched to a front-panel D9 test connector for in-crate calibration checks without disturbing field wiring. For more details and a datasheet, go to http://www.highlandtechnology.com/DSS/V410DS.shtml

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