VME Master Crate Controller from Highland

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Highland Technology Inc.

The V120 from Highland Technology Inc., San Francisco, CA, is a VME PCI Express crate controller for aerospace, industrial, and laboratory applications. The VME bus master crate controller can be used as a crate slot 0 arbiter or as a secondary controller. Each PCI Express cable driver board, in a PC backplane, can drive one or two V120s over standard PCI Express cable assemblies up to 7 m long. VME module registers are directly mapped into PC address space. The V120 provides 8184 remapping registers, each controlling a 16 KB PC-to-VME remapping page with flexible timing and endian controls. Ethernet and USB ports are included.

Contact Info

Company: Highland Technology Inc.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 415-551-1700
Fax: 415-551-5129

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