Visualization Tech Boosts Batch Ops

Honeywell Process Solutions’ Experion Batch control technology promises to increase productivity for batch operations and accelerate batch products to market by allowing operators to look ahead into their processes and see an intuitive and comprehensive timeline of every tasks required to complete a product batch.


The technology employs patent-pending visualization techniques to provide batch automation processes with the benefits of distributed control capability. This approach provides operators with insights into upcoming events or potential delays, which make it easier for them to conduct multiple tasks, take appropriate actions sooner and adjust next steps accordingly. It also makes operations less critically dependent on individual operator experience, which will help manufacturers overcome skill gaps at a time when more veteran operators are retiring.


Experion Batch is suitable pharmaceutical, specialty chemical, and food processing applications where manufacturers are challenged to increase operator efficiency and product quality while using fewer resources. The technology simplifies ongoing maintenance by eliminating the need for a centralized, dedicated batch server. This provides added benefit to customers by enabling engineering and maintenance personnel to take a unit controller out of service without affecting other units. Experion Batch also allows plants to easily and quickly transition from recipe testing to execution while reducing testing and validation efforts, and it is aligned with international batch standards ISA S88 and IEC 61512-1.


For more information, peruse the Honeywell Experion Batch page for videos and datasheets.

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