Vision Sensors Speed Bottle Inspection

Vision Sensors Speed Bottle Inspection
EVT Eye Vision Technology GmbH

Aiming for employment in the beverage industry, the EyeSens BI (Bottle Inspect) vision sensor contains prefabricated programs to inspect bottles if the cap is closed, open, askew, or missing. There is also a program to check bottles with cork, i.e., wine bottles. The position of a label can be checked as well as if the bottles have the same label. With the corresponding web interface, inspection programs can be configured via intuitive command icons directly on the object, without any programming skills necessary. Users merely type in the IP address of the camera into the web browser and the user interface opens in the browser window. For more details, visit  

EVT Eye Vision Technology GmbH
Karlsruhe, Germany
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Company: EVT Eye Vision Technology GmbH
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