Vision Sensor from Pepperl + Fuchs

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Pepperl+Fuchs Inc.

The BIS510 vision sensor from Pepperl + Fuchs Inc., Twinsburg, OH, is designed for print job verification applications, monitoring the correct sheet sequence in collating, folding, and binding machines. The sensor includes a camera, illumination LEDs, and an evaluation unit with digital input and output signals and a network interface. It features integrated error image memory and provides image and barcode recognition at up to 10 pages/s, with a max. sheet speed of 4 m/s. The sensor compares each sheet with the previously taught pattern image to check whether or not it is the correct sheet. Once taught-in, each print job can run continuously, with verification automatically performed for every print job produced.

Contact Info

Company: Pepperl+Fuchs Inc.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 330-486-0001
Fax: 330-405-4710

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