VisIC Technologies Launches 1200 Voltage GaN Device Family for

NES ZIONA, Israel and MILWAUKE -- VisIC Technologies is announcing a new family of high-voltage GaN devices for switching power electronics designs. With 1200V ratings, the GaN module have typical on resistance (RDS(ON)) ratings down to just 0.04Ω. Target applications are power converters for motor drives, three phase power supplies and other applications requiring current switching up to 50A (current limit at the first line of products).

Switching losses are three to five times lower compared to SIC MOSFETs counterparts. Isolated Gate Driver is integrated in an isolated DIP power package.

These GaN devices represent high-voltage supplements to VisIC's existing ALL Switch line-up of 650V GaN devices and supplied to selected customers.

The new GaN devices, along with other VisIC solutions will be on display and available for demo at the IEEE Energy Conversion Congress and Exposition (ECCE2016), being held in Milwaukie from Sept. 18-22,

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