Vishay Files Patent Infringement Suit over IR Receiver Rights

MALVERN, PA /BUSINESS WIRE/ -- Vishay Intertechnology Inc. announced it has filed, through its affiliated company Vishay Semiconductor GmbH, a patent infringement lawsuit against firms and individuals selling appliances manufactured in China for use of infrared (IR) receiver module technology. IR receivers are used in a wide range of end products, including TVs, DVD players, and stereo systems to receive signals from remote controls.

The lawsuit alleges that the firms and individuals have infringed German Vishay patent DE 593 04 45.3 (which corresponds to U.S. patent 5 350 943) for internal metal shielding within IR receiver modules. The patent relates to a technique that prevents electromagnetic phenomena from interfering with the operation of a remote control system by protecting sensitive areas of the IR receiver with the lead-frame, to which the infrared components are mounted.

"Vishay has invested considerable resources in its infrared receiver technology and intends to vigorously prosecute infringement of its patents both by component manufacturers and by component resellers and OEMs," said Dr. Felix Zandman, Vishay's chairman and chief technical and business development officer. "We strongly advise users of infrared receivers to exercise caution in their selection of module suppliers to avoid unintended infringement of this patent."

Products using the infringing devices are easily detected by visual inspection.

In addition to the lawsuit now under way, Vishay recently settled several similar actions against firms for using its patented internal metal shielding technology.

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