Viscosity-Insensitive Flowmeters from UFM

Viscosity-Insensitive Flowmeters from UFM
Universal Flow Monitors Inc.

L Series viscosity-insensitive, piston-style flowmeters from Universal Flow Monitors (UFM) Inc., Hazel Park, MI, assure delivery of circulating lubricating oil to bearings in machining, mining, and steelmaking applications. Accuracy is ±5% for lubrication oils with viscosities from 40–200 cP. Meters can monitor lube oil flow rates from 2–20 gpm and monitor rate of oil flow, provide flow-rate indication, and respond if flow goes too low. Features include a field-adjustable high-amperage microswitch that can be wired to trigger equipment shutdown for protection against bearing damage.

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Company: Universal Flow Monitors Inc.
Phone number: 248-542-9635

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