Viscosity Compensated Flowmeter Minds The Budget

For designers looking for a low-cost viscosity compensated flowmeter may be able to end their quest with KOBOLD’s VKA line of compensated flowmeters. The VKA flowmeter combines proven and reliable construction with affordable pricing.


Available for flow rates from 2 GPH to 26 GPM, the VKA is a viable alternative to the VKG and VKM series of flow metering products. Internal modifications reduce the pressure loss through the meter to 8 PSI, while still maintaining a compensated viscosity range of 30 to 540 cSt. Common uses include: lubrication circuits, paper manufacturing, hydraulics, extraction machines, and printing machines. For more details and specs, take gander at the VKA flowmeter datasheet and the VKA flowmeter user manual.

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