Virtus Launches First Sensor Product

TOKYO, Japan--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Virtus Advanced Sensors, Inc. has unveiled a three-axis analog accelerometer, the first product of its multi-axis motion sensor family to meet the growing demand for motion sensors in cost-sensitive consumer electronics.

The VAS340A accelerometer includes a sensing element manufactured using Virtus' proprietary technology in an ultra-compact plastic package. The sensing element has a single proof mass structure capable of measuring accelerations in X, Y, and Z directions. The sensor was developed specifically for use in mass produced consumer electronics devices. The compact size, low operating voltage, and low power consumption make the sensor desirable for space-constrained applications such as game consoles, TV remote controllers, next-generation cell phones, PDAs, pedometers, and healthcare devices, to name a few. The new sensor also provides an interrupt signal when it detects a free fall making it ideal for hard disk drive protection.

"We believe our new sensor product will greatly increase new applications development because of its relative low cost. The advent of low cost 3-axis accelerometers means the beginning of a wide variety of new and exciting applications that will surely lead to new unforeseen market opportunities over the next several years. Low cost devices will stimulate more applications development," according to Louis Ross, CEO of Virtus.

The VAS340A analog accelerometer is the first product of Virtus' multi-axis motion sensor family. Virtus is developing both analog and digital 3-axis acceleration sensors, multi-axis angular rate (gyro) sensors, and integrated motion sensors capable of offering the capabilities of accelerometer and gyro sensor on a single chip. All of the Virtus motion sensors will be supplied in ultra-compact packaging to allow customers to drastically reduce the size and cost of motion sensing-based products and enable radically new applications that will change the way we interact with machines.

The VAS340A analog accelerometer is currently available in sample quantities, and volume production will start in Q4 2008. For distribution details, please contact Virtus Advanced Sensors at [email protected].

About Virtus Advanced Sensors
Virtus Advanced Sensors is a fabless sensor company commercializing inertial sensor technology developed using MEMS (Micro Electro-Mechanical Systems) and micro-machining methods. Virtus' true "single-chip" solution to producing multi-axis MEMS inertial sensors is an industry first, and will lead to the production of the world's first single chip 6-axis MEMS motion sensor. These technologies are being utilized to develop products for a variety of applications in the consumer electronics, industrial, automotive, medical device/healthcare, aerospace and defense industries.

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