Virtus Establishes Asian R&D Affiliate

HONG KONG /BUSINESS WIRE/ -- Virtus Advanced Sensors (VAS) has announced the establishment of Virtus Asia Limited (VAL), an affiliated Hong Kong company that will focus on R&D, new product development, and sales and marketing in the Chinese Pearl River Delta and southeast Asian region. VAL will maintain offices in the IC Development Centre of the Hong Kong Science & Technology Park in Kowloon, Shatin, Hong Kong.

Dr. Wen J. Li, Director for the Centre for Micro and Nano Systems (CMNS) at the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), will be acting as a Director and Technical Advisor to VAL. "I look forward for VAL to establish itself as a premier application developer of MEMS motion sensing technologies in Asia soon," quoted Dr. Li.

The CMNS has done extensive work developing micro-inertial-measurement-unit technology through support from the Innovation and Technology Commission of Hong Kong. "Virtus Asia is an illustration of our commitment to become a global company and have a strong presence in a key market for electronics manufacturing, close to customers. We plan on having exciting products developed in this region for our sensor technology and see the practicality of having such activities close to our Asian manufacturing base," described Louis Ross, President and CEO of Virtus.

According to S.W. Cheung, VP Business Development and Technology Support at HKSP, "MEMS-based motion sensing is an emerging technology that will be rapidly finding its way into an expanding consumer electronics market in the coming years. Virtus Asia Limited has made an important decision to establish a business unit in HKSP to capture the fast-growing global market in motion-sensing products. We are confident that the state-of-the-art equipment, facilities, as well as the business network available in the HKSP will be helpful to Virtus Asia in its product and market development activities. It gives Virtus the edges of intellectual property protection and a gateway to China's vast market and resources. I'd like to extend my sincere congratulations and best wishes to Virtus on her establishment in HK."

VAL will provide support to customers in a variety of consumer electronics industries, including toys, game controllers, and cell phones. VAL will collaborate with applications developers in the region while also focusing on developing niche applications and products in-house.

Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP) is a statutory body set up by the government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. The park provides market-focused, clustered laboratory services and advanced facilities for high-technology companies that include an IC Design Centre, an IC Development Support Centre, a Materials Analysis Laboratory, a Photonics Development Support Centre, a Wireless Communications Test Laboratory, and an Intellectual Property Servicing Centre.

Virtus Advanced Sensors is a next-generation sensor company commercializing multi-axis inertial sensors, including accelerometers, gyros, and integrated motion sensors developed using MEMS technology.

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