Virtual Extension Intros IP Networking for WSN

TEL-AVIV, Israel -- Leading the next level of mesh networking, Virtual Extension, a leading mesh Wireless Sensor Network provider, announces today the compatibility of Diversity Path Mesh to the IP networks' environment. Users of Virtual Extension's VEmesh products are now able to enjoy both worlds: the ubiquitous TCP/IP protocol for back-office and the Diversity Path Mesh de-facto standard for high performance Mesh Wireless Networks for the communication with the smart meters or networks.

The TCP/IP compatibility is offered as an option in the Gateways of VEmesh networks, the other elements of the wireless network being standard VEmesh Nodes. VEmesh Gateways with the TCP/IP interface have an RJ45 connector fit to standard Ethernet networks.

With the addition of the TCP/IP interface option, Virtual Extension offers to Smart Meter and Sensor manufacturers and system integrators a rich set of standard interfaces, which also includes MODBUS, USB, UART and RS485.

Leor Hardy, CTO of Virtual Extension, said: "We are very pleased to announce this important new functionality for VEmesh Gateways. Sensor and AMI system designers looking for mesh wireless now have an additional significant networking connectivity option that will allow them a whole new class of high-performance, price-sensitive solutions."

Built to provide OEMs with license-free RF communications in difficult environments and over long distances, the market-proven VEmesh is re-establishing its presence as the most cost-effective alternative where range, reliability, flexibility, and simplicity of deployment are crucial.

Virtual Extension's Diversity Path Mesh synchronized flooding technology ensures that each transmission is optimally relayed by the nodes surrounding it. Instead of investing in computing and network resources to choose the best radio path and then instruct specific nodes, the network benefits from the inherent space diversity of a multitude of propagation paths, eliminating the need to route and manage, thus increasing the robustness and range of the network.

VEmesh is sold in chip, customized module and standard module formats. The complete line of Virtual Extension products, including VEmesh Gateways with TCP/IP interface, is available now. An Evaluation Kit is available and priced at $2,500.

About Virtual Extension
Operating since 2000, Virtual Extension has pioneered Diverse Path Mesh technology for Smart Metering, Smart Lighting and Wireless Sensor Networks. The company's OEM customers rate its products as having the best range, resiliency and simplicity of deployment.

Virtual Extension provides a system that literally enables removing the wires from an existing sensor and replacing them with self-organizing wireless devices.

Virtual Extension's design wins power a diversity of applications, including pipeline security applications, agricultural, remote lighting, and industrial control and monitoring applications.

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