Virtual Extension and Hadassim Join Forces

TEL-AVIV, ISRAEL -- Virtual Extension, a leading wireless mesh networks company, and Hadassim, a communication management and control solution provider, announced a complete pre-integrated infrastructure communication solution for smart metering, smart lighting and other remote monitoring and control applications. Combining the capabilities of the high performance VEmesh wireless mesh networks and Hadassim DCS (Data Communications Server) cloud-computing platform, integrators are able to realize quickly the operational benefits of the full communications link. They do so by minimizing costs and risks, afforded by the simple and secure validated communication between a single management center and all the end devices, while maintaining full ownership and control over their communication.

The new communication link features an optimal combination of high performance wireless mesh networks with highly reliable cloud-computing communication, and includes built-in security for protection against data eavesdropping or interception, for easy-to-implement communication infrastructure. Its use is in secure and reliable reading of any combination of electric, water and gas smart meters from multiple networks, as well as the communication necessary to manage, analyze and report the operational data from a centralized platform. The customers are able to access their individual data, using the same secure access system. In smart and emergency illumination, the infrastructure communication solution leverages standards-based protocols like DALI and any customized extensions or variants.

"System integrators will benefit from the cost savings and robustness that this pre-integrated solution provides, as it reduces the integration time and the unnecessary split of responsibilities," said Yariv Oren, CEO of Virtual Extension. "Virtual Extension understands what its customers need to become more effective and competitive, and by combining our experience and technology with the secure and reliable web and mobile apps from Hadassim, we can provide an unparalleled set of next-generation offerings to customers."

"This integration has resulted in a valuable solution that customers will immediately find beneficial," said Inbal Luz, CEO of Hadassim. "We've been pleased to work with Virtual Extension to solve a challenging issue in smart metering and smart lighting communications. We can further customize this solution to the customers' requirements for an even faster ready-to-use result," she added.

Hadassim DCS connects on one side to any number of VEmesh networks, and to the users of the customer's management center on the other side, using standard Internet protocols for securing the web-access. Amongst the other tasks, the DCS channels on-line the data between the management center and appropriate wireless mesh networks, consolidates the data from the wireless networks to the management center, manages the storage, logging and alerts, and receives and executes all the requests addressed to it. Customers can choose between using their own communications servers and receiving a full solution that includes the servers.

VEmesh, Virtual Extension's high performance wireless mesh networks, are built to provide OEMs with license-free RF communications in difficult environments and over long distances. Customers consider VEmesh as the most cost-effective alternative where range, reliability, flexibility, and simplicity of deployment are crucial. The synchronized flooding technology used in VEmesh ensures that each transmission is optimally relayed by the nodes surrounding it. Instead of investing in computing and network resources to choose the best radio path and then instruct specific nodes, the network benefits from the inherent space diversity of a multitude of propagation paths, eliminating the need to route and manage, thus increasing the robustness and range of the network. The proven VEmesh is available in chip, standard module, and customized module formats.

About Virtual Extension
Operating since 2000, Virtual Extension has pioneered the synchronized flooding technology based VEmesh networks for Smart Metering, Smart Lighting and Wireless Sensor Networks. The company's OEM customers rate its products as having the best range, resiliency and simplicity of deployment. Virtual Extension provides a system that literally enables removing the wires from an existing sensor and replacing them with seamless connected wireless devices. Virtual Extension's design wins power a diversity of applications, including pipeline security applications, agricultural, remote lighting, and industrial control and monitoring applications.

About Hadassim
Hadassim specializes in providing management and control solutions, clearing and remote monitoring for multiple participants, quality, innovation and service. Hadassim has developed and marketed solutions and software products in several areas that include electricity, gas and water meters' monitor consumption and billing software, central control system for automatic sales and rental stations and machines, and credit card transaction clearing service.

Hadassim specializes in projects combining software and hardware, including remote monitoring. Its experienced team knows how to provide complete solutions to the customer in coordination with specialization companies on time, at the highest quality level and to full customers' satisfaction.

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