Virtual Caregiver A Healthcare Market First

Launching this month at CES, Addison, from Addison Care, is touted as the world's first virtual caregiver. Deemed a labor of love, the technology is the result of millions of dollars in research and development and a creative process spanning seven years.


Addison Care is named after its ambient augmented reality virtual caregiver, Addison. She's a state of the art, 3D animated caregiver designed to engage aging and chronically ill clients throughout the home to supplement their care and to provide various health and safety features. Appearing on 15-inch monitors strategically placed throughout the residence, she carries on two-way conversations, and she is programed for a user's personal needs and plans of care.


Deemed unique, Addison's capabilities include 24/7 in-home checkups. The virtual caregiver monitors patient activity, reminds the patient to take medications and verifies adherence and provides real-time assessments if he or she develops evidence of increased risk of falling or health decline. She measures health performance, rewards her users for making progress, collects vitals and conducts in-home examinations.  


An ambitious technology, the company says Addison requires a complex array of devices, configured for instant and easy implementation, involving technologies such as Bluetooth, cellular, internet, cloud computing, edge Machine Learning processing, complex visual sensing, clinical interfaces, conversational speech, augmented reality, robust security, and a dynamic user interface. Addison will be featured in a 60 ft. exhibit at the Sands Convention Center and will demonstrate capabilities for respiratory, heart, diabetic, and orthopedic patients. For more info, visit Electronic Caregiver.

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