Vindai announces super-battery technology that will allow mobile devices to be charged in 15 seconds or less

NEW YORK, NY -- Good Vibrations Shoes, Inc. announces that its wholly owned subsidiary, Vindai Corporation, is developing a super-battery for its body cameras that is also applicable to any mobile device and will allow devices to be fully charged in 15 seconds, and stay charged on average for 24 hours!

One of the problems plaguing body cams today is the same problem we have with all mobile devices, short battery life, and long charge times, but Vindai's "Super-battery" could change it all. Although the company cannot disclose specific technical details of the technology, or what group or government agency it was developed in conjunction with, if any, the company does confirm that Vindai is the sole owner of the technology and several related patents are being worked on.

When released, Vindai's super-batteries should fit inside any mobile device just like the batteries used currently. However, the super-battery consists of different parts, including a micro-charging bank that uses super-capacitor technology and a high efficiency lithium-ion battery. When a super-battery equipped device is plugged into an electrical outlet, the power is sucked up at lightning speed, and stored in the super-capacitor charging bank, which then charges the inline battery that accompanies it. The device behaves as though it is plugged into an electrical outlet while in self-charge mode and then the normal battery is used once it is fully charged. This cycle can take place several times, so It's basically like taking an electrical outlet with you, inside your device. These technologies together can therefore not only shorten charge time dramatically, they have the same effect as tripling or quadrupling the average battery life.

Vindai feels this technology is a critical step to making body cameras a truly viable option for the detection and prevention of police abuses because for the cameras to work effectively, they must be turned on and recording at all times without officer intervention, and without the ability to be turned off. Therefore, the device must remain charged for 12 to 14 hours to last an entire shift. External battery packs can be used, but they add weight and wires, which can be pulled out in a struggle, making them ineffective at best. As Vindai's super-battery technology is tested and refined, the company is confident that it is very close to a finished product, and once released, Vindai's cameras could dominate the market, and have virtually no competition. In the bigger picture, it's very possible that one day every mobile device in the world will contain a Vindai Super battery, and frantically seeking out that electrical outlet to charge your phone will be a thing of the past.

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