Video Series Showcases Employees on the Front Lines of Manufacturing

San Diego, CA --- The cloud-based lean manufacturing solution provider Leading2Lean releases an original video series called People of the Plant Floor, created to shine a light on the lives and anecdotes of hard-working manufacturing employees. The series premiered at the annual Leading2Lean 2017 Conference in San Diego.

People of the Plant Floor is a documentary-style collection of shorts that captures stories from inside factories around the country. The series tells the personal stories of those who work in factories creating, building, assembling and packaging the goods that people rely on and expect to be on store shelves, but often don't consider how or where the goods originated.

Leading2Lean set out to celebrate the industrious individuals worldwide who provide the necessary products that sustain consumer comfort and convenience. “Having a series that shares their view, and who they really are, is a very powerful way to show where these products come from,” said Keith Barr, CEO of Leading2Lean.

A plant engineer featured in the series, Eric Runge, shared his career path with the manufacturer, West Liberty Foods. "When I was hired, I started as a maintenance mechanic. I had minimal electrical experience, but I had a desire to learn. Within a year I was promoted. This was a huge feat for me. Now, in my department, I strive to be a leader. If an employee needs mentoring and is willing to learn, you can't turn your back on them," said Runge.

The series was also created to start a conversation and bring awareness to factory jobs because of the skill gap facing the manufacturing industry. Around 2 million jobs will remain unfilled over the next 10 years because employers can't find workers with the necessary skills, qualifications and education.

On top of that, the industry has a dated image. Most people have no idea what happens in a modern-day factory or what a factory job entails.

Once a year, Leading2Lean holds a conference where manufacturing professionals gather to discuss the common challenges and critical solutions in the industry. The company serves industries, such as food, automotive, aerospace and defense, high-tech, and life sciences, among others, with clients in 32 countries worldwide, including companies such as Tesla, BorgWarner, Autoliv, Goodyear, Energizer, Kellogg's, Lakeview Farms, West Liberty Foods and more.

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