Video Microscope Delivers Real-Time Vision

Video Microscope Delivers Real-Time Vision
Mettler-Toledo LLC

The next-gen ParticleView V19 probe-based, in situ particle vision and measurement (PVM) tool visualizes particles and particle structures as they exist in the experiment with no dilution or sample extraction necessary. Unlike its predecessors, the video microscope also provides an image based-trend sensitive to changes in particle size and concentration. This process data is automatically combined with relevant images to promote faster, evidence-based decision-making during process design and scale-up, translating to fewer experiments, reduced costs, and shorter time-to-market. The tool continuously captures high-resolution images under a wide range of process conditions then automatically prepares a report pairing the most relevant images to data tracking particle size and concentration changes. Target applications include understanding crystallization, identifying growth, agglomeration, breakage and shape changes, controlling particle size and shape, monitoring polymorphic transitions, identifying the source of batch-to-batch inconsistencies, optimizing oil/water separations, and viewing particle and droplet systems in locations where offline sampling is not feasible such as high-pressure lines. For more details and specs, visit

Mettler-Toledo LLC
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