Vibration Transmitters from Metrix Instrument

Vibration Transmitters from Metrix Instrument
Metrix Instrument Co.

ST6900 Series case-mounted vibration transmitters from Metrix Instrument Co., Houston, TX, interface directly with PLC, DCS, and 4–20 mA input monitors. The Model ST6911 provides a 4–20 mA output proportional to acceleration while the Model ST6917's output is proportional to velocity. The devices offer frequency response ranges from 3–1000 Hz for velocity measurement and are rated for operation to 120°C. Features include built-in protection against temperature shock and the company's Independent Polarity Terminal technology that prevents incorrect wiring and also prevents the 'ski slope' problem.

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Company: Metrix Instrument Co.
Phone number: 281-940-1802
Fax: 281-940-1799

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