Vibration, Sound DA Module from Data Translation

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Data Translation Inc.

The DT8837 from Data Translation Inc., Marlboro, MA, is a high-performance Ethernet (LXI) DA module for sound and vibration measurements. The module lets you sample up to four 24-bit IEPE accelerometer input channels independently at up to 52.7 kHz/channel or 210 kHz total throughput. Features include a 24-bit stimulus output, a 31-bit synchronized tachometer channel, 1000 V of galvanic isolation channel-to-channel, and optional AC/DC signal sampling ranges of ±10 V with gains of 1 and 10. Operation in TCP/IP Ethernet mode lets you monitor measurements locally or at remote locations; up to 16 instrument modules may be stacked for parallel operation of 64 separate IEPE accelerometer or voltage inputs.

Contact Info

Company: Data Translation Inc.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 800-525-8528
Fax: 508-481-8620

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