Vibration Sensors Sport Embedded Self-Test Feature

Vibration Sensors Sport Embedded Self-Test Feature

The VS1000 vibration sensors integrate an embedded self-test feature that ensures the device is functional at all times. It embeds an optimized MEMS sensor, an improved die attach, an ASIC with a 200 kHz internal clock, and a temperature sensor. The combination offers a large and flat frequency response from DC to 2.5 kHz ±5% (typ), 7 kHz ± 3dB (typ). The ASIC-optimized architecture offers scale factor temperature stabilities of ± 0.2 mg/°C (min/max) and 120 ppm/°C (typ). It also features overload and aftershock recovery detection. The non-linearity becomes almost nonexistent with 0.1% of the full scale output (typ), under vibrations.

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