Vibration Energy Harvester to Debut at Sensors Expo 2009

CHICAGO, IL -- The new PMG37 vibration energy harvester from Perpetuum Ltd will debut at Sensors Expo 2009 June 9—10 in Rosemont, IL.

The PMG37 converts unused mechanical vibration into usable electrical energy to power wireless sensor systems used to monitor critical systems. Perpetuum's PMG37 eliminates the need for batteries in these sensor systems, providing the ability for continuous autonomous monitoring while reducing the cost of cabling and installation.

The rugged PMG37 is built to withstand harsh environments, with welded-seal stainless steel construction and a temperature range of –40°C to 85°C. It generates between 10 mW and 90 mW, with an output of up to 10V.

Perpetuum Ltd, the world leader in vibration energy harvesting, brought its original PMG17 vibration energy harvester to market in 2004. The new PMG37 is optimized to give the highest power output on low-frequency vibration typical to the transportation industry, from passenger cars to rail cars and earth moving equipment.

The company will present a live demonstration of the PMG37 at 11:45 a.m. (CST) Wednesday, June 10 in the company's booth at Sensors Expo. Visit Perpetuum at booth #927 in the Energy Harvesting and Power Management pavilion.

Perpetuum will also feature its Wireless Sensor Node Assessment Kit (wSNAK) at Sensors Expo 2009. This field-deployable demonstration system is designed to demonstrate to OEMs and end users the significant advantages and simplicity of condition monitoring systems powered by vibration energy harvesting.

The wSNAK consists of four wireless sensor nodes powered by Perpetuum's PMG17 vibration energy harvesters, each incorporating an LCD display of the power harvested. The nodes monitor temperature and vibration, and the resulting data is transmitted to a laptop-based receiver for display and analysis.

Applications for the wSNAK include:
  Wireless condition monitoring
  Balance-of-plant condition monitoring
  Asset management solutions
  Plant safety systems
  Wireless instrumentation

Perpetuum's wSNAK is easily and quickly installed and open source, which can accelerate OEM product development by up to 12 months as well as reduce development costs by tens of thousands of dollars.

See wSNAK and the PMG37, along with Perpetuum's other energy harvesters, at booth #927 in the Energy Harvesting and Power Management pavilion at Sensors Expo in Rosemont, Illinois June 9 - 10.

About Perpetuum
UK-based Perpetuum Ltd is the world leader in vibration energy harvesting, producing the first commercially available vibration energy harvester for industry, the PMG17. Using normal vibration created by machinery as a source of energy, the PMG17 is an enabling technology for fast-growing wireless sensor node applications. Perpetuum's innovative power source enables continuous online monitoring for proactive asset management, helping organizations strive toward operational excellence. For more information, visit or email [email protected].