Vibration Analyzer Software from Datastick Systems

Datastick Systems Inc.

Datastick Systems Inc., San Jose, CA, now offers its VSA handheld vibration spectrum analyzers with new InSpect route creation and execution software. InSpect comprises both desktop software and handheld software. Routes are designed in the software on the PC and then moved to the handheld computer that is part of the VSA analyzer. A technician runs the route, collecting data with the handheld VSA, and then brings the VSA back to the PC for trending and analysis on the desktop software. While running the route, the technician can stop and switch to Spectrum software, which displays waveform or FFT spectral information, for more detailed analysis. Applications include condition-based or predictive maintenance.

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Company: Datastick Systems Inc.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 408-987-3400
Fax: 408-987-3402

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